Translation ー Interpretation

Translation & Languages

Duration about ~93 days

Price from 50 up to 3500


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Service Decription

Ⅰ.Interpretation: 30€ per hour Ⅱ.Translation: 0,10 to 0,15 cent per word* So 50 to 75€ a Word page (*Prices will vary according the complexity and quantity of the topic) It is also possible to translate from English to Japanese, Chinese, Korean, or English. Ⅲ.Audio Transcription 8,3€ per minute; 25€ for 15 minutes; 50€ for 30 minutes; 100 € for 60 minutes Ⅳ.Proofreading 0.01€ per word, so about 5.5€ per page

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Service provider


Experienced language learner, multilingual dictionary creator, translator and interpreter in Chinese, Korean, Japanese, French, and English. Have a look at the following links.


Reminder : the price of this service is between 50 € & 3500 €