Fully automated offshore flushing unit conception

Engineering & Science

Duration about ~155 days

Price from 15000 up to 25000 EUR

France | Laurent MICHEAU

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Service Decription

As project manager, I've developed in collaboration with 4 different companies a complete new automated flushing unit dedicated to offshore installations. This unit include all the certifications required, test system and can provide the complete technical files necessary to final report establishment and doesn't need anymore hydraulic expertise to work with. This is a rental unit and we get rapid ROI as well as a plain customer satisfaction. Need more detail, please contact me.

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Service provider

+33 680 437 113
Lyon France
As a former manager in both small and large companies, I developed strong managerial skills, leading teams of different sizes to success on many projects. This was achieved through the organization, the setting and monitoring of objectives alongside the implementation of the strategies to achieve them. My strength is driving process improvement by finding seemingly non-existent solutions to problems. I have expertise in create new opportunities, a constant desire to find your possible futur and an obsession with new technology. I have relished applying solutions from Lean Six Sigma management, creating complex mechanical systems and signed strategic & industrial partnership worldwide. I excel in a fast-changing environment, with tight deadlines and tough challenges and I take great satisfaction in seeking opportunities to support the growth and development of the organization.

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Reminder : the price of this service is between 15000 € & 25000 €