Spanish Language course - 10 hours per week

Translation & Languages

Duration about ~93 days

Price from 80 up to 220 EUR

Spain | S.L.

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Service Decription

Take 10 hours of Spanish per week at our Euroace Language School , that is, 2 hours per day! You will be in a class at a level that is suitable for you and this can be as part of a group class or private class, whichever you prefer! Get in touch for pricing options...

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Service provider

+34 963155702
Valencia Spain
Euroace (European Association for Cultural Exchange) is a cultural organization based in Valencia, Spain. Our Spanish language school has provided 6,000+ students, interns and institutions with unique experiences in Spain for more than a decade. We specialize in creating a tailor-made experience, a perfect fit between culture and language, professional experiences and academic education. We offer a wide range of programs that are all made to measure. Each year, thousands of students dive into our culture through Spanish courses, professional internships and academic programs- often combining programs to gain a wholesome experience. Our team is made up of professionals from different backgrounds, dedicated to meeting students’ needs and providing them with an enriching and formative experience abroad. Our main objective is the integration of foreign students into Spanish culture and lifestyle!

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Reminder : the price of this service is between 80 € & 220 €