Evaluation of territorial food systems' sustainability.

Engineering & Science

Duration about ~31 days

Price from 15000 up to 20000

| Juliette PERES

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Service Decription

Partners wish to provide their territorial food systems in the five project territories with devices for measuring their impact and continuous improvement. Different evaluation methods and indicators of socio-economic impacts of territorial food systems exist. However, it seems that they are often tools of macro-economic analysis that are not really appropriate and little or not used by economic actors. The objective of the project will therefore be to put the different actors of the territorial value chains accompanied in a situation of indicators' co-construction and sustainability evaluation to compare the results produced according to the contexts. In this process, attention will be paid to the relevance and realism of the number of indicators to ensure the feasibility of the evaluation process in the context of participatory territorial approaches. The mission includes two actions: 1. The accompaniment of partners' structures in the elaboration of a evaluation methodology for territorial food systems' sustainability. 2. The application of the method to the devices composing the SAT in each territory.

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Juliette PERES