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Advantages of using lookap for freelancers & companies


As a Freelancer, why will you use Lookap instead of another service available on the web ?

Let's face it , as a freelance you have to work on your sales and marketing, even thought it is not what you like best ! Lookap, is built from the ground to improve freelancer's sales work. With Lookap we promote the Quality, the Efficiency and the Simplification of the commercial process.

By the way, let's describe the classical sales process, here the one of a well known CRM. The commercial process is known as the "commercial pipeline". There are all the steps follow by the Freelancer during the realisation of a project. Thus, a simplified pipeline is globally composed of the following steps :

  • Need Analysis
  • Value Proposition
  • Proposal / Price Quote
  • Negociation / Review

Lookap purely and simply removed the first two steps, or rather, take it in charge. Indeed, the principal feature of Lookap is to allow the customer to find a freelancer for his project by looking at his portfolio. Thus, when the customer contact the freelancer, he already knows what he wants regarding the characteristics of the project he found on our search engine. When to the Value Proposition, the average price of the projects the customer's looking for in his request and the price range indicated in the project description allow a non-interested customers sorting.


The management of the commercial pipeline is thus easier. The freelancer might be sure that the customer who contact him is more than a potential client ! To be always more sure that the customer is interested, we make sure in the contact form that the displayed price of the product is suitable for him.

Furthermore, we ensure the quality of the projects findable on our website by manually validate each single project. The projects which don't respect our quality chart are purely deleted.

A report system will be soon put in place to permit a more efficient monitoring of the projects added on our website. Each project might be rated, to know if it has helped the customer in his approach.

Finally, the Logging system involved for the freelancer to log him on the website with his Linkedin account. It certifies a certain professionalism from them and thus in the projects available.

Stay tuned, more features are coming soon !

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