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Create your website : what price and what benefits ?

Arnaud Champavert
Arnaud Champavert

This question taunts any company, small business, SME, wishing to create its website or update it. It is indeed a must support today to attract your prospects and your customers.

Let's see together the price of developing a website !

A website in a marketing approach

Obviously the budget of a website depends on many factors. It depends on the type of website chosen (simple "showcase" or e-commerce site), number of pages, design, specific features ...

However, we can establish the outline of a budget that can serve as a template for the company to choose the features of its future site.

Creating a website can be the first step and the least expensive, in the digital marketing strategy of a young company.

It is now essential to create a visible website on all platforms. A "responsive" site that adapts to mobiles, smartphones and tablets, depending on the space available on the screen.

The website will be the basis of your contacts and will allow you to determine who your customers are and what their expectations are.

So what price for your website ?

The budget to provide for a website can therefore vary greatly depending on the needs.

By simplifying, you have two options, use a website creation software (WordPress type) or entrust your project to a freelance provider, or a specialized digital agency.

Some companies can not overlook the creation of a custom website. Whether because of the specificity of its business model or the need to manage its services on the website.

We give you here a first approach of approximate price that will have to adapt and refine :

  • Depending on the diversity of your needs and services offered (quality of design, scalability of source code, website maintenance).
  • If your company is looking to develop its website over time, consider changing it. New ideas can arise in terms of design, functionality, content, which will generate additional costs.
  • The maintenance of a website is an additional cost to take into account. This is why it is better to anticipate and consider the cost of a project including the initial development of the website and the maintenance / evolution of this one.
Average Budget / Type of websiteShowcase websiteE-commerce website
Developer + Graphic Designer Freelancer1800€ - 3000€2800€ - 10000€
Digital agency 
Full service
2000€ - 5000€3000€ - 15000€

How much does it cost to create and maintain a website for a business ?

As we just told you, there are many factors involved in the cost of a website :

  • Extent of the service provided (evolution, maintenance),
  • Number of pages,
  • Quality of design,
  • Specific features ...

Showcase website

5 to 10 presentation pages

E-commerce website

5/10 pages

+ 50/100 products pages

Web Portal

200 pages

+members area


Online Software
Monthly rental of the website
0€ - 30€ / month10€ - 100€ / monthNot adapted
Developer + Graphic Designer
500€ - 3000€1000€ - 20000€5000€ - 50000€
Digital agency
Full service
 1000€ - 5000€ 3000€ - 50000€ 10000€ - 100000€


This is why digital agencies require a precise specification of the project before drawing up an estimate, whether it is a simple showcase or an e-commerce site. In this way, we can then decide to include in the specifications, some features or choose to target a certain type of web provider.

What cost for what services ?

Let's be clear, the benefits will be different depending on the provider selected and the type of website envisaged (one directly dependent on the other !).

Thus the budget can vary from 1 to 100. A showcase websitevof ten pages is not comparable with a web portal of more than 500 pages, with a member area, a back office and several modules.

In short, you have two possibilities to design a website, use a website creation software like Wix, or entrust the project to a provider, a Freelancer, or a digital agency.

In the following, we give you orders of magnitude between type of website and type of service provider.

It is obvious that a Freelancer developer can install and configure with "Prestashop" an e-commerce site for 1000 €. While an agency can ask you up to 10.000 €. This difference is justified by the coordination of the project, the quality of the design or the scalability of the source code.

The difference is also reflected in the time you spend on the project ... to the detriment of your core business ! ... and your time is money !

If you decide to give your project to a freelance developer, for example, you will need to provide the website architecture, the models and a specific description of each feature. A website like lookap can find a freelancer who has done a similar project, allowing you to speed up this process. In the case of a digital agency, it will work on all these elements, after reviewing the specifications prepared with you. On the other hand, your future website is not static, it will require maintenance and it will evolve over time according to your needs. Instead of just thinking about the cost of creating your website, it is wiser to consider the cost of the project over a year by looking at the two important positions :

  • Initial developement of the website.
  • Maintenance and development of the website for one year.

As a result, a Freelancer developer may not be available to keep the website evolving. Find another provider who takes the code already existing is another pair of sleeve! This is a very common situation unfortunately, which significantly increases the cost of maintenance and evolution of the website.

Think about SEO !

On the other hand, you know, having a beautiful and functional website is not enough ! It must be optimized to improve its visibility on search engines. SEO or SEA is the set of techniques to improve the positioning of your web pages with search engines :

  • The backlinking is an external link pointing to a web page of your website. The search engines take them into account for the ranking of your website.
  • The content of your blog, relayed on social networks, strongly contributes to the SEO of your website.
  • The website's design has grown in importance in recent years. The better it will be, the better the customer experience will be and indirectly the better your SEO will be.

Managing your website properly also means managing the achievement of your website's objectives. Both in terms of generating contacts and sales. For this purpose you can install a freeware software like Google Analytics, whose establishment and ability to interpret data require skills. In summary, the cost of a website must take into account not only its creation but also its optimization and its maintenance over time. The investment required will depend on the development goals you set for yourself. This requires support over time by professionals as part of a global approach to digital marketing.

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