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What is Lookap ?


Lookap is the story of two persons drinking a coffee around a table in the co-working space they're working in.

Lamenting themselves on the spanish wheather (who said the sun shines 24/7 in Spain ?) and frustrated by the current freelancer hiring model, they started to think about a new one, more in sync with their contemporaries.

Lookap was born.

They wanted their service easy to use and developped a search engine inspired by great success as Amazon.

The idea is that it's more accurate to let the customer find the freelancer taking into account what he has done before. The project will be done faster if he has already done this kind of project.

With Lookap, freelancer's work portfolio is easy to create and is immediately visible on our search engine. Many categories are available to make searches more accurate and faster for the customers.

On top of that, Lookap is also a blog when you can find various articles about Marketing, Development, Art, Languages...

As Lookap wants to be open to its community, the blog will soon be open to your own articles !

We'll explain in a future blogpost how your articles may be published. So, stay tuned and follow us on our social medias.

The adventure Lookap start here. We hope you will appreciate our service.

Enjoy your experience on Lookap !

The Lookap Team

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