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How to publish your article on Lookap's blog ?


You were all waiting for it, here is our explanatory article on how to send us your articles to be published on the Lookap's blog. You have to take into account that eventually, it will be possible to write your articles directly from your member area. In the meantime, the articles will be put online manually by our team, which adds some constraints.

First of all, this is a real will of Lookap to involve his community in the blog. We want to encourage exchanges and mutual aid between members.

The rules

But let's get to the facts, here are the rules in force for your article to be published :

- 800 words maximum

- Make sure paragraphs are well structured 

- No ads for another service than yours

- no racist, anti-religious, or hate remarks

- pas de photos à caractères sexuelles

- no sexual pictures

- The article must talk about the category in which it will be referenced

- At least 1 picture for the headband of the article and no more than 2 pictures in the article itself

And... this is it !


We have talk about categories above, here they are :

Sales & Marketing/Translation & Languages/Engineering & Science/Data Entry & Sys Admin/Business,Accounting,HR & Legal/Websites,IT & Software/Mobile Phones & Computing/Product Sourcing & Manufacturing/Writing & Content/Design,Media & Architecture/Local Jobs & Services.

Now that you've written your aticle, just send it to us at with .doc or .odt format.
If your article is accepted, we'll published it under a week (and that is cool).

Gentleman rule <3

Ho of course, we have missed the gentleman rule : Lookap would be glad if we could obtain a link to our site in a future article from you !

Ok now you know everything you need to publish on Lookap's blog !
Take your most beautiful pen and be innovative, it's you who make the blog live.

Hope to see your articles soon.

The Lookap Team

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