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The benefits of outsourcing your digital marketing

Arnaud Champavert
Arnaud Champavert

All companies, particularly those that are in the beginning of their business, can not afford to internalize their marketing department.

A marketing department needs to bring together qualified and varied skills to be effective, especially in digital marketing. It will be necessary to recruit the right profiles, the managers and make them operational quickly. This long and complex operation requires a significant financial investment.

Outsourcing your digital marketing has various advantages, including the essential to be more economical for the company.


Because the areas concerned are vast and complex and some must be followed and enriched over time. We will quote :

- Writing content or content marketing

Your website must showcase your business and use the language of your customers. You will be able to produce articles, propose videos to prove your professional expertise. Do not neglect SEO or SEA. Set up your blog in parallel will strengthen your traffic on your website.

- Community Management

Disseminating content on social networks is a practice that requires a regular presence and careful control of user interactions. You can significantly improve your traffic to your website.

To do this, you will need to determine the platforms that best fit your business. We will mention, among the best known, Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube ... But things are changing fast in this sector and it is necessary to constantly adapt. Thus, it can be very useful to take advantage of the recommendations of influencers (bloggers, youtubers) to increase your traffic.

- Centralization of your customer relations thanks to CRM (Customer Relationship Management)

Accounting, invoicing, contracts, payroll ... All these long and tedious administrative tasks that make you waste precious time on a daily basis.

- Market research, marketing plan, launch and marketing of products, emailing campaign...

So many services that it is difficult to deploy internally for a young company.

… And the list is still long !

The benefits of local outsourcing

Only 9% of European companies outsource their marketing according to the CBI. Yet the benefits are many.


- You focus on your core business

Outsourcing your digital marketing allows you to delegate to an outside team, all of your marketing strategy, in collaboration with the relevant department of your company.

- The boss of a TPE or SME does not have time to analyze the competitors

An external marketing department will analyze the communication of competition, the expectations of your customers, as well as monitor the evolution of technologies, tools and media.

- You benefit from a sharp expertise

Because the service provider has a new and objective view of your business that leads to diversify your communication and boost your customer contacts.

- Your marketing is more efficient

You have to master more and more complex domains. Stay constantly informed of the evolution of social networks, new trends. By outsourcing your marketing, you are assured that it is supported by competent professionals.

 - You are unloaded from all the related marketing tasks

Commercial documentation, website, customer relations, direct marketing ...

- You control your costs

The services chosen are in accordance with a defined but adaptable and more flexible budget. You avoid the management of a hierarchical internal service.

To conclude, outsource your Digital Marketing requires to precisely determine your needs and know how to achieve your objectives. For this, the analysis of a specialist is necessary.

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