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How to optimize your Linkedin profile ?

Arnaud Champavert
Arnaud Champavert

Linkedin is the largest professional social media. As a freelancer, you have to have a complete profile on this platform. But how to make the most of this social media ?
We will give you answers today in this article.

Provide a maximum of informations

 The most important thing about LinkedIn is visibility in your network. But if your profile is not attractive, you will see your visits plunge ! Be precise in the fields to complete your page, detailing to the maximum. Your experiences and expertise are the most important information. Without embroidering or epiloguing, it is about giving meaning to your career, which requires a perspective of your experiences. To make your profile attractive, it is first necessary to make it comprehensive.

Share contents

Being registered on LinkedIn is not an end in itself. A non-active LinkedIn account is limited in scope. In this logic of visibility, do not hesitate to share relevant content about your area of ​​activity. Being active and sharing a quality watch, you become more "interesting" in the eyes of others. It is a good way to develop your reputation and network of contacts. At the same time, this method allows you to keep an eye on your field of activity and thus potentially to increase your skills and anticipate changes in your sector.

A rewarding photo

For the same reasons as on a resume, a photo brings a plus to a LinkedIn profile. However, make sure that it is professional and showcases you. Ideally, use a photographer, or failing that have your picture taken with a quality camera on a white background. For a successful photo, think about smiling and being well dressed.

Customize your URL link

When you complete your profile, below your photo is a URL. This is a direct link to your LinkedIn profile. By default, this URL contains numbers and letters mixed with your name. To improve the SEO of your profile, take a few moments to customize this URL by putting your name and surname in place, as far as possible. The ideal being lastname / firstname or firstname / lastname.

An effective summary

The summary is one of the key parts of your profile. A potential customer will not necessarily have the time or the desire to read all the information you have entered. So, your resume must be speaking and have the right keywords to be as impactful as possible. The challenge of the summary is to make the person who visits your profile want to know more about you and to discover the rest of your informations. 

Thus conludes this article on how to optimize your Linkedin profile. Make sure you apply all these techniques that will helps you to be better referenced on this social media.

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