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Freelancer : How to find new jobs ?

Arnaud Champavert
Arnaud Champavert

As a Freelancer, you're lucky to work on projects you really want to be involved in. But you have first to find them ! We will see in this article how and where to find freelance jobs, and how Lookap can help you to do so.

How to find jobs ?

There are many possibilities you can use to find freelance jobs. We will list some of the most interesting one.

1. The Relations

Your professional relationships may give you many job opportunities. If you have in your "network" former classmates and former colleagues of work, crossed during your previous jobs or trainees : keep in touch with them !

2. Linkedin

Linkedin is the most important profesional social media in the world. It would be silly not to be registered on. If your profile is correctly filled, recruiters or "head hunters" will naturally come to you.


On Facebook, you can integrate several types of groups : former colleagues, former schoolmates, graduate group of your school, facebook groups of classifieds for Freelancers, alumni network groups or simply Freelancers groups

4. Twitter

You also have the possibility to look for freelance jobs on Twitter by following agencies or advertisers accounts. You can look for tweets talking about freelancer jobs by searching "research+job" for exemple.

5. Emailing

If you have the opportunity to access a companies database, the emailing solution might be available. You can select companies for which you would like to work and send an email with the link of your portfolio or your CV. Even if they don't respond, they have now your name in mind and they might talk about you to other potential clients.

6. Market Place

Those relatively new websites are the new Freelancers Eldorado markets. Try to register to the ones corresponding to you and your competencies (some are multi-discipline). You can then find jobs or put your projects portfolio online.

By using all these techniques, yous should be able to greatly improve your missions researches.

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