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A freelancer will be much more efficient if he has already done a similar project. Thus, the second customer will benefit from his experience, making the process much more efficient. Bringing costs down , reducing time to produce & stress for everyone !
Lookap lets you discover those similar projects and contact the freelancers who created them.

Lookap uses a bottoms up approach : What will your project looks like when it is finished ? It will of course look similar to other projects already available, but with some tweaks !

You are a freelancer or a company

Lookap is for you ! You will have the possibility to show the world your portfolio. Start today and enter the products you have already created!

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You have a project to develop

Where do I start ?

1) Search for similar projects to the one you would like to create. Just do a search such as "website with a blog" or "paint my car in pink"
2) Contact the freelancers who have done these projects
3) Describe your project precisely to the freelancers

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